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“Mummy Beauty?” I hear you asking. “What is that?” Do you understand it’s not even 8 am, we’ve already applied entire tubes of concealer and we’re still looking like hungover pandas? Please, sister. When you put those two words together, mummy and beauty, you speak of pink unicorns, that is what you speak of.

Well my friends, I can’t argue with the hungover pandas because I am one of them. My kid has never slept through the night, I work a full time job and I am not a spring chicken anymore. I feel you. But there is light at the end of the sleep deprived tunnel, I can promise you that.

In this category you will not find reviews of glitter eyeshadow _ why is there even such a thing?! _ ultra smudged eyes _ we already have the panda thing going _ or ombre lips, which apparently is a trend consisting mostly of putting on lipstick, eating and marveling at the absence of colour in the centre of your lips… I hear you asking again why and I am giving you all MASSIVE assenting nudges. You’re mums, you haven’t got the time nor the inclination to dick about with the expensive makeup you rarely get to put on. If and when you wear it, it needs to look real life A-MAZING, not like a fashion editorial. It needs to give you a lift, a boost, bloody Red Bull wings.

So if you’re into mega strobing trends look away now. If, however, you want to find honest reviews of products that get this mum’s thumbs up when it comes to making you look awake and generally alive, then WELCOME. Looking alive is sort of my aim in life so that I don’t go through it looking like someone’s green tinged Halloween hallucination.

If there is an under eye concealer out there that banishes 3 years worth of night shifts and it comes my way, I will shout it from the rooftops of this humble blog. If there is a moisturizer that will return the hollow, parched cheeks of mums to a semi plump state you will find it here. If I find the blusher that will not land you an immediate job with the town’s clown circus but instead give your cheeks the glow of someone who lives a toddler free life, you will hear about it.

Watch this space, you beauties 😉

Jo x

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Full-time working mother to one Speedy Gonzales of a little boy trying to keep her sanity, pay check and clean hair. On most days.


Rhyming with Wine
April 7, 2017

I am literally doing you a one woman successful women and likeability are negatively correlated.ankly her current *other ridiculously priced contour kit* just isn't quite giving her the required level of chiselled. Meh. I will be watching with excitement! xx

April 6, 2017

Haha, so happy it resonated with you, Siobhan!! And I LOVE the floof :D. As for clothes... if I told you what I wore in the 90's... *hides and blushes in a corner with her Britney tops* xxx

Silbo Parry
April 6, 2017

Yes!! This is the beauty blog that is needed, not all the expensive, never to be worn because you never have time to apply it stuff. People just do not get how your priorities change. And personally I think now I'm a mum I cringe at some of the stuff I used to wear both make up and clothes over the years. And ombre lipstick - what the actual floof?! (I 'have to' curb my language and experimenting with new words) x

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