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I could tell you a few things about my last decade but I simply don’t have the wherewithal and I strongly suspect no one else does either. I will simply say that as we head into 2020, I plan to adopt the Go Philosophy at every opportunity. Get up and go, let it go, go back, go forward, go with the flow, go away, tell someone where to go, go big or go home (either is fine, by the way).

My humble nuggets of cereal box movement wisdom for 2020 go a little something like this: Whatever you do, don’t sit still, ruminate, wonder and ponder to the point of inaction. Travel, even if it’s within yourself. That counts too. Action is life. Use it or lose it. It’s OK to visit the past but not live in it. Choose what you carry with you as you go and what you can safely let go of. You may be betrayed by your dreams at points but consider that as mental laundry or a warning that you may need to go back before you can go forward again.

Move, but don’t let anyone take you for a ride. Be kind to others on their own journeys as you go. If someone tells you where to go, listen. You may need to adjust your internal GPS and lose some self-importance. It keeps you nimble which will help you on your way. At times it’s OK to pause, look at the map, argue about directions. It’s also OK to use welcome breaks but don’t stay there for too long. The food is generally pretty crap.

Comfort zones are there for a reason but they are not massively progressive. You won’t get any bruised knees there but you won’t be able to draw on your scars as moments of change and growth.

Add before you subtract. Add love, empathy and cream cheese icing on cakes. Take care of your family and friends but also those who you have never met before. When your lanes intersect, try not to be a dick.

There are no new beginnings, no new you’s. Just changes of pace, direction and purpose. Don’t let the present become a permanent limbo between the past and the future. You live in all three zones but zone 1 is now (thanks TFL 😉). Harvest the past and embrace your emotional luggage. Just lose a kilo or two if you can. And on the subject of weight, well… just try to stay alive. Health is amazing but so is cake, and cake does wonders for the brain which apparently rules the show so…

In short, be nice but not a pushover, eat the cake just not all the cake, share, care and don’t litter _ because unlike you the planet has literally nowhere to go.

Happy travels, friends. ❤️🏃‍♀️🌎🚴‍♀️

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